Thursday, November 15, 2012

Small Business Number Parking: How it Will Save You Money

As a consumer, how many times have you called a small business number and been forced to leave a message?  After leaving a message, if you haven’t received a timely call back, how often have you sought out a competitor?  If you answered “often”, “all the time”, “always”, or any other reply along those lines, it’s a small businesses’ nightmare.  

As a small business owner, how often have you received messages from leads and not been able to understand their phone number or their message?  How often have you received voicemail notification only to find out the person hung up before leaving a message, and now you have no way of knowing why they called?  And finally, how often have you asked yourself why you are paying so much for a phone service that offers so little?

As a small business, taking advantage of opportunity and converting leads is the name of the game.  With competitive environments and growing marketing costs, today’s small business owners can’t afford to miss opportunities to attain new customers and grow their business.  It’s also important to continually find ways to save your business money, and ParkNBlend can solve both problems.

1.       Take Advantage of Leads Quickly with Voicemail Forwarding:  Most small business owners are using smartphones to manage their business more effectively, so even if you can’t answer the call immediately, you can set up your ParkNBlend account to receive your voicemail via .wav file.  Once you have listened to your new message, you can determine whether you need to act, or call back at your convenience.  By forwarding and listening to your voicemail immediately, you can impress your customers and leads with quick and informed turnaround times.  

2.       Track Lost Numbers With Online Call Logs:  Lost leads because of distorted voicemail messages are now a thing of the past.  With your TeleBlend member portal, you can track your last ten missed calls and incoming calls.  The lead that would have been lost because of an indecipherable message can now be retargeted thanks to your real time online portal that you can access from any computer or smart phone.  

3.       Versatility:  Thanks to your online portal, any ParkNBlend customer can manage their features in real time, from any computer of smart phone.  That means changing from call forwarding to voicemail during meetings, customizing voicemail during holidays, and blocking calls from unsolicited salesmen who are wasting your precious time.  Your ParkNBlend member portal will keep you in control to ensure your valuable time is spent building your business, not maintaining it. 

ParkNBlend continues to become the number parking solution of small businesses who are tired of paying for landlines they rarely use.  In addition to not having to pay for phone service, ParkNBlend allows you to keep you phone number, and take advantage of features not offered by the phone company.  Stop losing leads, disappointing customers, and paying too much for phone service.  Switch to the small business solution that is growing businesses and saving the It’s also important to continually find ways to save your business money.