Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Set Up ParkNBlend Voicemail

A lot of customers use ParkNBlend as a voicemail provider because the service is easy to use, feature rich, and affordable, but before anyone can appreciate the value of ParkNBlend voicemail service, they need to activate their voicemail account.  Simply follow these instructions and you will have your ParkNBlend voicemail set up before you know it.  

1.       Log in to your ParkNBlend member portal using your email address and password.
2.      Click on “Activate” located under the orange voicemail tab on the member portal landing page.  (The activate link is a light gray color).
3.      Insert a 4-6 number PIN, then confirm your PIN.
4.      Select the number of rings you want before the call goes to voicemail, then click the large orange activate button.
5.      Once your account is activated, you will want to record your voicemail message.  You cannot record a voicemail message if call forwarding is enabled, so make sure you disable call forwarding before taking the next steps.
6.      Dial your parked ParkNBlend number from any phone.
7.      Wait a few seconds and you will hear a voicemail recording (the phone will not ring).
8.      Interrupt the voicemail recording by pressing *, then insert your PIN number.
9.      Once you have inserted your PIN, you will be presented with several options.  Follow the voicemail prompts to record your voicemail message, then save the message.

Once your voicemail message is saved, you can manage all of your voicemail features using your ParkNBlend member portal.  Check out the ParkNBlend voicemail features to see how ParkNBlend voicemail can work for you.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

ParkNBlend Number Parking Put You In Control

Due to the limitations of some competing services, many consumers underestimate the flexibility and versatility of ParkNBlend's number parking features.  Unlike many of our competitors, ParkNBlend doesn’t make it difficult for customer to make changes to their account.  ParkNBlend is one of the most consumer friendly number parking services and here’s why:

Online feature portal you can access from anywhere:  As long as you have access to the internet, you can make changes to your ParkNBlend features.  Customers are not limited to making changes through a customer service rep, they can make changes from any computer or smartphone, 24/7.

No limit on feature changes:  With ParkNBlend service, you can change your number parking and forwarding features as often or as little as you want.  Sometimes you may want to forward calls to your cell phone. Other times you may want to send calls straight to a personal voicemail message.  There will also be times when you want to block calls or make it seem as if your number is simply parked.  Regardless of how you want to set up your ParkNBlend service, you can make unlimited changes at your convenience.

No Contract:  People park their phone numbers for many reasons.  Some people have long term parking intentions, while others are just looking for a safe place to store their number during a transition period.  Regardless of your intentions or needs, you can park your number with ParkNBlend knowing you can port it back to another service provider at any time without incurring a penalty. 

It’s very easy to see how ParkNBlend has become the best value in number parking service.  In addition to providing customers with more flexibility and features than our competitors, ParkNBlend also offers an everyday low price that doesn’t change for as long as you are a customer.  Try ParkNBlend today and see for yourself why so many people trust ParkNBlend with their phone numbers.

3 Essential Tips for Number Parking Shoppers

1.  Make sure you aren’t signing up for a metered service:  Some number parking companies charge you per minute for all the calls you forward to a destination phone number.  If you are using a metered service, your monthly calling plan can easily become extremely expensive, especially if you are being billed a few cents per minute to forward calls using a popular phone number.  Before you sign up for a number parking service, find out about all the associated fees including metered service. 

2.  Do you receive more than just a number parking service?  If you are paying $5-$10/mo, you want more than just a recording that says your number has been parked.  Number parking with the option to customize your voicemail recordings definitely adds value to your service.   Since not all people park their number permanently, having the option to record a personal message informing callers or customers that you have moved or changed your number can make your transition to a new number or location much easier.  

 3.  Find out if there is a contract:  As we mentioned before, not everyone parks their number permanently, so ensuring you aren’t tied down by a contract can end up saving you a significant amount of money.  It’s not unlikely for introductory prices/cheap prices to be accompanied by a steep disconnect or cancellation fee, so make sure you ask the right questions before you commit to parking your number with a company that penalizes you for porting to another provider in the future. 

Call forwarding, voicemail and the ability to move your number at any time without a penalty are three essential features to look for in a number parking company.  Before you commit to parking your number, make sure you ask the questions that ensure you get the most for your money. 

5 Reasons to Park Your Number With ParkNBlend

1.  Better Features, Free Features:  Unlike many number parking services, ParkNBlend doesn't charge you for the features you use and need.  Call forwarding, voicemail, call blocking and more, are all included with your number parking service.  Use the features as much as you want and your monthly bill will not exceed $6.99/mo.

2.  No Contract:  Customers use number parking services for many reasons.  Some customers intend to park their number long term, while others use number parking as a temporary solution.  Regardless of your intentions, you can port your number to another provider at any time, without incurring a penalty.

3.  24/7 Live Support:  ParkNBlend offers 24/7 live chat support, so if you have questions or service issues, a representative is always available to help. 

4.  Unlimited Forwarding:  ParkNBlend service is all inclusive.   Whether you are sending calls to a destination number or voicemail, you will never pay more than $6.99/mo.  The price you see is the price you pay, and that's a great feeling!

5.  Best Value:  Compare ParkNBlend service to any other number parking service, and not only will you pay less, but you will get so much more.  ParkNBlend offers better features, customer friendly policies and 24/7 service.  If you have a phone number you would like to keep, ParkNBlend is a great option.