Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Set Up ParkNBlend Voicemail

A lot of customers use ParkNBlend as a voicemail provider because the service is easy to use, feature rich, and affordable, but before anyone can appreciate the value of ParkNBlend voicemail service, they need to activate their voicemail account.  Simply follow these instructions and you will have your ParkNBlend voicemail set up before you know it.  

1.       Log in to your ParkNBlend member portal using your email address and password.
2.      Click on “Activate” located under the orange voicemail tab on the member portal landing page.  (The activate link is a light gray color).
3.      Insert a 4-6 number PIN, then confirm your PIN.
4.      Select the number of rings you want before the call goes to voicemail, then click the large orange activate button.
5.      Once your account is activated, you will want to record your voicemail message.  You cannot record a voicemail message if call forwarding is enabled, so make sure you disable call forwarding before taking the next steps.
6.      Dial your parked ParkNBlend number from any phone.
7.      Wait a few seconds and you will hear a voicemail recording (the phone will not ring).
8.      Interrupt the voicemail recording by pressing *, then insert your PIN number.
9.      Once you have inserted your PIN, you will be presented with several options.  Follow the voicemail prompts to record your voicemail message, then save the message.

Once your voicemail message is saved, you can manage all of your voicemail features using your ParkNBlend member portal.  Check out the ParkNBlend voicemail features to see how ParkNBlend voicemail can work for you.

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