Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 Signs it's Time to Park Your Phone Number!

If you have had your phone number for a long time, it's perfectly understandable to want to keep it.  What isn't acceptable is wasting hundreds of dollars a year just to hold on to a phone number.  Here are ten signs it's time to park your phone number.

1.  Your telephone has cobwebs on it.
2.  Your phone bill doesn't include outbound call records, just the monthly prices, taxes and fees.
3.  Your telephone isn't even plugged into the wall.
4.  Your mom and grandma are the only people who call you at home.
5.  You are still using a Western Electric 554 Wall Set.
6.  Your average cost per call is over $20.
7.  You just celebrated your answering machine's sweet 16.
8.  You and your friends wonder how much your phone would appraise for on Antique Roadshow.
9.  The service feature you use most is auto debit.
10. You don't remember your own phone number.
 I'm sure a lot of you have great reasons why it's time to park your number.  Please share them with us!

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