Thursday, October 11, 2012

How ParkNBlend Voicemail Keeps You Connected

 Most customers choose ParkNBlend for one of three reasons - call forwarding, voicemail, or basic number parking.  Those who choose ParkNBlend for voicemail are pleasantly surprised by the versatility of the service.  Depending on your specific needs, here are a few ways ParkNBlend voicemail can keep you connected without having to answer you phone.

1. Online Account Management:  Regardless of where you are, as long as you have access to the internet, you have access to your ParkNBlend voicemail.  Simply log in to your account from any computer or PDA and you can view/listen to messages, change voicemail settings, view history, and more.

2.  Voicemail Notification:  If you don't want to take calls, but still want to know who and when people are calling you, setting up voicemail notification will keep you connected.  With four different voicemail notification settings, you can receive alerts via email, SMS, Instant Messenger and pager.  This "filter" allows you to maintain your privacy, but at the same time, reply to urgent messages when necessary.

3.  Voicemail Forwarding:  For those of you who spend countless hours in front of your PC, voicemail forwarding is the easiest way to retrieve your voicemail.  Every time someone calls your parked number and leaves a message, you receive an email with a .wav file attachment.  Not only does this allow you to create a folder to store important messages and contact information, but you can also forward the message to other people, listen to it, or delete it.

4.  Pinless Access:  Pinless voicemail access allows customers to call their voicemail without keying in their personal identification number.  Simply set up pinless access through your member portal, and every time you call your parked number from the number or your choice, your call will go directly to your voicemail box.  No more remembering PIN numbers and no more going through interactive voice recordings.  Simply call and listen, it doesn't get any better than that.

5.   20 Message Capacity:  ParkNBlend voicemail boxes have the capacity for 20 voicemails, so even if you are out of town or offline, you don't have to worry about your voicemail box filling up quickly, or missing important messages. 

Voicemail is only one of the many service enhancing features included free with ParkNBlend number parking.  Once you have experienced the simplicity and convenience of ParkNBlend voicemail, you will wonder how you ever got by without it. 

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