Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 Benefits of ParkNBlend Number Parking

People who park their phone number with ParkNBlend enjoy many benefits, but the one benefit they are most vocal about is the amount of money they save each month.  Most of the customers I speak to enjoy telling me how much money they are saving each month since they switched to ParkNBlend.  I agree, saving $300, $400, or in some cases over $600 per year is great, but ParkNBlend offers more than just a means of saving money.  Here are three of the many benefits of parking your phone number with ParkNBlend:

The All Included Price:  Anyone who has ever been on a metered plan knows there is nothing worse than paying the penalty of overage.  You enjoyed the service all month, then you receive your bill only to find you have exceeded your allotted minutes and now have to pay a hefty penalty.  At ParkNBlend, you aren't penalized for using and enjoying your service.  Each month you are only billed $6.99 for your number parking and forwarding service, no matter how much, or how little you use the service.  Think that's great?  Inlcuding all of the taxes and fees in your monthly subscription makes it even better.  Believe me, there will be no shell shock when you receive your monthly invoice receipt.

24/7 Real Time Account Management:  Some number parking services cap the number of changes you can make to your settings or make you call their support line if you want to change the number you are forwarding calls to.  These practices are both limiting and inconvenient.  ParkNBlend takes the middle man out of the equation and provides customers with a feature portal that allows them to make changes to their account settings from any computer.  Any changes you make are implemented in real time, so you can change the number you forward calls to, or send calls to voicemail any time you want and as often as you want.  

Call Blocking:  This feature is definitely a fan favorite and most customers get excited knowing they can prevent any number they want from reaching them.  All call blocking is managed in the feature portal and customers can add up to 500 numbers to the list.  Anyone you include in your call block list will hear a busy signal when they call you.  Most people will ask about anonymous callers, but don't worry, you can block them too!

These are just three of the many benefits of ParkNBlend Number Parking service.  Check out ParkNBlend Features to learn about others. 

Need a visual?  This is how ParkNBlend works:

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