Thursday, October 11, 2012

Parking Your Existing Phone Number is so Easy!

It's becoming more obvious that people are looking for ways to keep their phone number without paying for a phone service they rarely use.  A lot of consumers don't realize that number parking exists, or how easy it is to do.  People also don't realize that number parking is a "no strings attached" service.  Just because you park your number, it doesn't mean the number becomes inactive or can't be ported back to another phone service in the future.

Another benefit of parking your number is that it can be a temporary solution or a permanent solution.  If you do decide you have a need for a home phone service, you can transfer to TeleBlend or port to another phone service without incurring a penalty.  You also have the option of parking the number for as long as you want and forwarding inbound calls or sending them to voicemail.  In addition to being cost effective, ParkNBlend is a flexible service that buys you time while you figure out what to do with your long time phone number.

Parking a number is a very simple process.  As long as your service with your current provider remains active throughout the number port, all you need to do is sit back and let us handle business.  Here are the steps you need to take if you want to park your phone number:

1.  Sign up online:  Online sign up is quick and easy.  The ParkNBlend sign up process consists of three pages and can be completed in five minutes.

2.  Upload, fax or email us a copy of your phone bill:  We require a recent copy of your phone bill when we port your number.  The phone bill is used for reference and during the porting process.  Please ensure the information you submit on your letter of authorization matches the information your current provider has on file.

3.  Ensure your current phone service isn't disconnected prematurely:  In order to port your number to ParkNBlend, your account must remain active with your current provider until you receive notification from ParkNBlend that your number has successfully transferred.  Along as your account is active, ParkNBlend can port your number.

4.  Cancel service with your former provider:  You will receive notification from ParkNBlend once your number successfully ports.  At that time, it is your responsibility to cancel your account with your former provider.  Despite what many customers believe, ParkNBlend will not cancel service on your behalf.

As you can see, parking your number with ParkNBlend is extremely simple.  Sign up for servive today and get rid of your expensive phone service once and for all.

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