Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 Essential Tips for Number Parking Shoppers

1.  Make sure you aren’t signing up for a metered service:  Some number parking companies charge you per minute for all the calls you forward to a destination phone number.  If you are using a metered service, your monthly calling plan can easily become extremely expensive, especially if you are being billed a few cents per minute to forward calls using a popular phone number.  Before you sign up for a number parking service, find out about all the associated fees including metered service. 

2.  Do you receive more than just a number parking service?  If you are paying $5-$10/mo, you want more than just a recording that says your number has been parked.  Number parking with the option to customize your voicemail recordings definitely adds value to your service.   Since not all people park their number permanently, having the option to record a personal message informing callers or customers that you have moved or changed your number can make your transition to a new number or location much easier.  

 3.  Find out if there is a contract:  As we mentioned before, not everyone parks their number permanently, so ensuring you aren’t tied down by a contract can end up saving you a significant amount of money.  It’s not unlikely for introductory prices/cheap prices to be accompanied by a steep disconnect or cancellation fee, so make sure you ask the right questions before you commit to parking your number with a company that penalizes you for porting to another provider in the future. 

Call forwarding, voicemail and the ability to move your number at any time without a penalty are three essential features to look for in a number parking company.  Before you commit to parking your number, make sure you ask the questions that ensure you get the most for your money. 

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