Thursday, October 11, 2012

5 Number Parking Features Your Small Business Can Benefit From

To a lot of customers, ParkNBlend is more than just a number parking service. Current subscribers use ParkNBlend to park their small business numbers for many reasons. In addition to being low cost and reducing overhead, ParkNBlend offers several service enhancing features that make running a small business much easier. Here is a list of five features that offer a lot of value to small business owners:

1. Find Me Forwarding:  Everyone knows there aren't enough hours in the day for most small business owners.  Between daily responsibilities, meetings and family life, the typical small business owner is always on the go.  Being on the go typically means being away from your desk; and being away from your desk can often result in missed opportunities.  With the Find Me Forwarding feature, you can set up your call forwarding to sequentially ring three different numbers until the caller reaches you.  If the caller is unable to reach you, they will be sent to your pre-recorded voicemail messages.

We all know people don't always leave messages and will often resort to calling the next number on their list until they reach a live person.  Make sure you capture and convert all of your leads by using Find Me Forwarding and never missing a call during business hours.

2. Conference Calling:  As your business continues to grow, so does the number of people in your meetings and on your calls.  Three way calling may have sufficed in the past, but now you need to coordinate calls for a lot more than 3 people.  With the ParkNBlend conference calling feature, you can conduct conference calls for as many as 100 attendees.  The feature is easy to use and the access information never changes.  With ParkNBlend, conducting an important conference call is as easy as dialing two, 10 digit numbers.

3. Contacts and Group Forwarding: These two features work in tandem to make your life as a business owner easier.  By using the contacts feature available in the ParkNBlend member portal, you can update your contact list in real-time, from any computer or smart phone.  Once you have added someone to your contacts, you can assign them to one of three groups.  By assigning them to a specific group, you can enable group forwarding and only forward calls from a select group of people.  This feature is perfect if you are expecting an important call from a specific contact and want to ensure you aren’t tied up with regular business or unsolicited calls.

4. Voicemail Notification and Forwarding:  Every small business owner knows there are times when you just can’t be available for a phone call.  Between meetings, calls and everything else on your plate, some calls have to go to voicemail.  By setting up voicemail notification and forwarding, you can receive voicemail notification via email, SMS and instant messenger, and also receive a copy of the voicemail in a .wav file.  Your clients and customers will appreciate a prompt call back and the ParkNBlend voicemail features will help you deliver a quality of service your patrons will appreciate. 

5. Call Blocking and Anonymous Call Rejection:  Are unsolicited calls from salespeople, cold callers and marketers preventing you from completing your daily tasks or disrupting your flow?  By enabling Anonymous Call Rejection, anyone who calls you from an unlisted number will hear a busy signal and your phone won't ring.  If the listed number of an unwanted caller does happen to get through to you or your secretary, simply log in to your member portal and insert the number into your call blocking list.  Next time that number tries to contact you, they will also hear a busy signal.  Call blocking and ACR are both great ways to ensure your work isn't interrupted by unwanted callers.  Your time is money, so don't waste it.

Your ParkNBlend service is a lot more than an affordable way to park a phone number, so take advantage of the ParkNBlend features and make your number parking service do more work for you.

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